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10 Goals for Your Blog

What is your goal for your blog?

In order to create content and articles, videos etc you will need to create a goal. It is vital to remember though that you are creating this amazing content for your customers not to highlight to your peers who you are and what you know.

10 goals for your blog could be:

1. convert prospects to customers
2. strengthen relationships with existing customers in order to make more sales or get more referrals.
3. drive people to your opt-in to grow your list so you can email market to them
4. become an industry leader in order to get speaking engagements, media or press
5. differentiate your business from competitors,
6. increase understanding of the products and services you provide
7. deliver free value to those who may not be able to afford your products or services but keep you front of their mind
8. create content that helps your industry improve
9. develop a develop community around your products and services
10. conduct some market research

With a head full of goals now to turn our attention to the topics. How do you figure out what to write? I guarantee you there will be 100’s of ideas in your head and you don’t even realise it.
I KNOW you are really good at what you do and that everyday you answer questions for people using knowledge and experience that is second nature to you. Well those are great places to start, what questions do your prospects ask everyday? Now Read 9 other ways to come up with helpful, meaningful ideas for your blog.