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5 Factors to Consider Before Starting an Ecommerce Website

We are Confetti Design, offering ecommerce website services in Bayside, and all across Melbourne. We have years of online store website development experience. At Confetti Design we have designed and developing 100’s of new ecommerce websites with large and small catalogues and we wanted to share our knowledge with small businesses. Here listed are the five tips you might not always hear when considering starting your ecommerce website design and website development project.


1. The perfect domain name.

Your domain name is one of the vital elements of your business website, so make sure you choose it well as it is part of your overall branding.

You should aim for a domain name that is around 6-14 characters long. The shorter your domain name is, the easier for your customers to remember it. Try to avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name as they can lead to typos and mis-types. You can also include Melbourne or your local area name if you are targeting local customers. The hard part of choosing a domain is that many are already registered so you need to be creative. Confetti Design provides domain name suggestions that will not only captivate your customers, but will make them remember you.

2. Consider your ecommerce website navigation.

Think about the options that you will present to the customer, as it is not wise to overcrowd your main navigation menu. Ponder on what they need and what you can offer to them in the simplest navigation possible.

Ensure that there is a section or page for testimonials, praise or case studies that they can browse for a credibility check of your service experience and past results. Even though all businesses are slightly different all visitors want to find information quickly and easily. Making your navigation ‘sticky’ is vital. This means when you scroll down the page the navigation stays visible at all times. This makes it easy for a visitor to move from page to page as their interest desires.

The phone or tablet view of a navigation is especially important too. Often Confetti Design will secure a call now (list the phone number)  or enquire button at the bottom of the phone view and it stays secured there so a visitor never has to go looking.

Whether you are starting up a business or thinking about your current digital marketing, give us a call.

We can help.

3. The ecommerce website design color schemes.

You might be wondering why selecting a color scheme for your e-commerce or business website is important. This is because the color and hues you’ll choose are part of your  branding and marketing strategies.

Consider the niche of your business as well as your target audience. Colors can evoke distinctive emotional reactions, so you need to choose carefully. Confetti Design’s expertise includes helping you choose the color scheme that compels your target audience to act or respond to your products, this comes from years of experience in both web design and brand management.

4. Your ecommerce website competition.

Analysing your competitors’ websites can give you awareness of what works and what doesn’t for the line of business you’re in.

Wear the customer’s hat while browsing through their website. Gather the good points of your competitor’s website and turn the bad points into good ones when you’re creating your own website concept.

Creating an impactful website for your business might not be as simple as you thought but trust that Confetti Design’s got your back. Call us now to find out how we can help!

5. Ecommerce Website Inspiration

Here are a selection of fabulous ecommerce websites that work for different reasons.

When we were compiling this list we looked through reviews on the companies. We made note of the comments on deliveries, payment options, communication, and brand specialties. There are commonalities between how these ecommerce sites are perceived by consumers. – this business is all about the customer, simplicity of understanding the offer, how it works and what their customer wants the images on the single product page are amazing in detailing the product qualities and benefits this is a site we designed and built moving it from another platform to wordpress. They have a great coversion rate on visitors and low bounce rate. this site is all about making life easier and have learn that their customer likes to pick up, so the moment you land it offers you locations to do this. They have responded to the COVID-19 climate and offering flexibility in ordering.    Visit Mod Cloth if you’re on the lookout for indie, vintage, and retro-inspired clothing and accessories. This brand’s democratizing approach to fashion is incredibly refreshing, featuring a variety of models on its site and selling styles to suit everyone. They have even curated products to match the current home-based lifestyle. this is an example of a huge product range sorted into clear categories. Every top level one of the highest customer rated online stores for women.
the rave reviews indicate that from browsing their website, to placing an order, to receiving your parcel, they’ve got it all sorted out. Customers especially loved the personalized handwritten notes that came with their deliveries, and the on-trend style advice that comes with the website. JBHi Fi has to be one of the visually outthere websites you can visit. It is frenetic and that is the point, this business thrives on DEALS, it know it’s customer wants deals and doesn’t want to go looking deap into the site for them. This is not a browsing based customer. It is one of the top 15 most successful custom built Shopify sites on the web.



Building an e-commerce website from scratch is no small undertaking for a start up business.  If you would like further reading, we created a list of articles to support small business set up a  successful ecommerce website. or read up on our ecommerce services here   or Shopify services here.
Or you may simply want a few updates to your existing ecommerce online store, in which case we can help with support.
Finally if you need more visitors, we can help with our ecommerce SEO services.