All female brand agency

Confetti Design, an all female brand agency in Melbourne, will deliver you a thoughtful and high-impact brand for your business. With over 90% of all household purchase decisions being made by women, it's vital you consider how to attract this powerful market segment without alienating the male audience. We use our intuitive design process to understand you, your target market and business goals. We love branding for small business projects and as an all female brand agency, we have the insights and the clarity process to help you.


Journey through our Clarity Process, a deep dive into the core of your brand and the smartest ways to connect with your ideal customers.


So much rides on a name, so you can’t afford to get it wrong. Known for our epic brainstorming abilities, we’ll dream up inspirational and brand-aligned business names for you.


Together, we’ll shape the colours, typography, words and other key elements that will make up your brand.


We do everything from business cards and logos to product packaging, key note presentations and book covers.

Branding for small business services include

Small business brand positioning

Name generation, product range name generation

Small business brand identities

Brand guidelines for social media

Graphic design business collateral

We promise you will love your new graphics or branding! We get it 100% right every time.
In fact we guarantee it.

Our branding portfolio

We are a design agency, passionate about bringing small businesses branding that's aimed at attracting it's ideal customers. It's stylish, contemporary and fresh. Enjoy!

Some nice words from happy customers


Nichol Stark

Johannah embodies collaboration and excellence. I could never have imagined my website would look as good as it does. It blows my mind every time i look at it. Thanks Johannah.

N Stark

Umbrella Family Law

For weeks I had heard Johannah’s brilliant idea of a 1 page website, in 1 day for 1 price and wondered who I knew I could refer her too…little did I know that person would be me and Umbrella Family Law.

Anish Rebello

Umbrella Family Law

Her questionnaire that she provided to help us understand the website was pointed and specific which allowed me and my Partners to give as much information as possible – and what was even more incredible was her way to understand exactly what we were saying through words and translate on to the website.

Anish Rebello

Umbrella Family Law

Having a website is one thing. However having a website, and more specifically, having someone who can translate your idea, your vision and your purpose with such ease and so effortlessly is something you cannot put a price on – although with Johannah’s fixed price – you can, and it is so worth it.

Anish Rebello

Holistic Bodyworks

Before I started working with Johannah at Confetti Design, I thought the idea of changing my branding and website was too daunting but Johannah made the whole process easy.

Nicola Shelton

Claire Goldsworthy

Johannah is absolutely incredible to work with! I had been struggling with a few different areas of my business and my website design, and after our first conversation, she had already made me see what needed improving and changing. When you're running your own business, it's easy to not see the forest for the tress, but Johannah has helped me immensely with my website design!