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How to maintain a steady stream of customers –
A 6-part series

This is article #1 of a series of 6 that will be posted over the coming weeks that provides an insight into modern emotional-based marketing.

In this first article we focus on understanding your customer.

At the heart of every small business is the challenge of how to maintain a steady stream of customers through your door or to your website. While other parts of your business can be put on the shelf for ‘another day’, if we don’t dedicate time to business development our business will either stagnate or die!

Now that is not why you went into business is it, to limp awkwardly along our path of dreamed success? You, like me started this venture because you craved your own sanctuary, to be the true master of your destiny, share your passion and be successful while doing so.

If you worry about getting more customers to your business, you are not alone. The stress and worry of getting enough good customers is the number one reason small business owners lose sleep.
Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating sleazy desperate buy-from-me email marketing, this upcoming series of tips is centered in emotional marketing.
Emotional marketing is about connecting with your customers, moving people and it is essentially marketing from the heart.

In traditional marketing this is known as your target market. The difference with modern emotional marketing is that you need to go deep into the psychology of your customer. You put yourself into their shoes and empathise with their fears, worries, problems and challenges and instantly you see how your product or service solves these for them.

By delving into their minds you have at your disposal a perspective that can drive your branding, communication style and visuals. These design and language choices indicate to your customer that you understand them and are offering a tailored solution. In effect you will make your customer say ‘that’s exactly what I need, this business knows me!’

Start with demographics, traits and then delve into the psychographics. Here are a few questions to get you onto the right track.

• What is their age?
• Where do they live and why?
• What is their job and why?
• What do they drive and why?
• What are their hobbies?
• What magazines and books do they read?
• What are their favourite movies and TV shows?
• What are their values and principles they live by?
• What income to they earn?
• What is their favourite food?
• Where is their fantasy holiday destination?
• If money were no object what would they do?
• What are their greatest fears in relation to your products or services?
• How would they feel if you solved these fears for them?

You want to understand this person so clearly that you know what they think, feel, love, wish and fear. You also want to know how amazing they feel when your product solves their problem or answers a question.

You may offer multiple products or services in your business and thus it requires multiple customer profiles.

Understanding who you are selling to, or who will benefit most from your products / services, narrows down where you spend your marketing, networking and development efforts.

The clarity the exercise brings is valuable and powerful. You may find this a hard exercise to do but it is well worth the effort. All my website clients have needed to do this exercise before we started the design process as it is so vital to creating an effective website that connects on an emotional level to their customers.

Good luck! If you like the sound of emotional marketing I offer business coaching that goes provides you great clarity in your business activity. Contact me here to discuss.