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Confetti Design reviews the Learning Management System from Access Ally

Learning management systems (LMS) are software platforms that enable businesses to build and deliver educational courses. Many consumers are looking to increase their skill set and knowledge by completing online training programs, rather than physically attending schools. An LMS delivers content, which can include knowledge documents, videos, courses and quizzes. The team at Confetti Design has delivered several projects using the learning management system Access Ally, and we thought it was worthwhile to review and detail this LMS.


What is Access Alley?

Many LMS are not a stand-alone system and are plugins for websites such as WordPress. Access Ally is a complete plugin for WordPress that enables small business to build an  online learning business within their WordPress small business website. Access Ally focuses on deep CRM integration, and simplifies the process to add tests, progress the tracking of course completion, video links or anything else you would like to offer on your course pages. Access Ally  supports the upload of student work. The key selling point for Access Ally is its integration with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.


How did Access Ally start?

Access Ally began as way to manage access to online courses and quickly developed into a full service membership plugin. Access Ally has WordPress-themed order forms that allows users to offer one-time payments, subscriptions. It is enhanced with individually triggered time-sensitive coupons, including trial offers, and 1-click upsells to your customers. Access Ally enables members to manage their credit cards that are on file and their subscriptions from within Access Ally.

Access Ally Pricing – A Simple Offer

Access Ally  has a transparent pricing offer ,where subscribers pay one flat fee, regardless of the number of courses, memberships, or members a small business will have. Even better, Access Ally does not take commissions on any of your online course sales, and integrates with Stripe and PayPal straight out of the box.

Why Access Ally over other Learning Management Systems

Access Ally prides its on being the one tool that simply handles everything from accepting payments, the ability to create courses, easy integrations with online tools such as:

  1. Active Campaign
  2. Convert Kit
  3. Drip
  4. Infusionsoft
  5. Keap
  6. Ontraport, and of course CRM’s.

It offers the best member management of any LMS on the market. There is effortless integration of Access Ally’s learning management system (LMS) with your existing CRM. Small business will not need to pay for and integrate additional plugins to handle payments and payment administration, membership levels to run cohesive membership sites, and integration with your CRM for marketing automation. Some of the course features include:


  • Instant and dripped courses
  • Team accounts
  • Progress tracking of courses
  • Homework submissions
  • Video view tracking and bookmarks
  • Quizzes and Certificates


The Access Ally Functionality – the Course Creation Wizard

The team at Confetti Design found the ease of use and functionality of Access Ally’s Course Creation Wizard a great selling point for this LMS as it creates courses as a WordPress page. Small business can easily keep their content, or import it into another LMS product later. When evaluating LMS’s for our small business website customers, we found many business lose access to their content if they decide to cancel their LMS subscription, which is not the case with Access Ally.


Access Ally enables small business to select your LMS compatible “WordPress theme” for functionality, speed, design flexibility, and features. There is no requirement for someone who can code in CSS to make the design, such as buttons and breadcrumbs, look and feel modern. It’s all in Access Ally!

Access Ally
and Woman of Confidence

Suzie Lightfoot is a personal branding coach, mentor, keynote speaker and online course creator for women.  Suzie has been working as a coach for years in this space but this year wanted to reach  more women and so created a powerful online course that wraps up everything she’s learned from years of experience in media, PR, Marketing and building her own highly successful brand and business into an easy to follow step-by-step online course.

We updated her business site, iformat our SEO partner optimised the sitemap and pages and we integrated Access Ally into the course site to house the free membership and paid courses. The beauty of Access  Ally is that it integrates seamlessly with Active Campaign for nurture sequences, up-sells, check-outs creating a fabulous user experience.

Woman of Confidence. Suzie Lightfoot

Access  Ally and Made to Sew

Aneka Truman is the Founder of Made to Sew, who offers professional sewing classes, dressmaking courses, the ability to purchase sewing patterns and supplies haberdashery products. The sewing courses and more personalised 1-to-1 tuition is available in Australia, the UK and the USA. Made to Sew had an existing website that utilised Access Ally and engaged Confetti Design to create an in-course forum to support their Access Ally LMS. This forum would enable users to access the Forum through the Online Classes and to give users the ability to purchase the forum as a product. Confetti Design enabled the uploading of unique profile pictures and images with administration function to upload video or images as responses as part of their sewing course offering.

The Strategy

Confetti Design was engaged by Aneka from Made to Sew to create an in-course forum to support their Access Ally LMS. This forum would enable users to access the Forum through the Online Classes and to give users the ability to purchase the forum as a product.

Confetti Design enabled the uploading of unique profile pictures and images with administration function to upload video or images as responses. A free 1 month trial was enabled and attached to any course enrolled and Confetti Design delivered search function on topics within the website.

Access Ally Sales Conversion Features

One of the great features of Access Ally is its sales conversion features. This is achieved with order forms that are focused on converting new customers, the ability to create recurring payment thru payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, a dashboard that enables cross-selling and the ability to follow-up on abandoned cart.


How easy is it to make Access Ally work for your Small Business?

Access Ally offers a straight forward workflow to get a LMS up and running. This process is as simple as:

  1. Installing the Access Ally plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Run through the On Boarding Wizard to integrate AccessAllly and WordPress
  3. Create your first course with the easy to use Course Wizard
  4. Set up your marketing automation campaign within Access Ally
  5. Add your content, course tests, and more with the shortcode adder


This process to build an LMS with Access Ally within your WordPress website seems simple. The team at Confetti Design understand many small businesses are time poor and would rather engage a Digital Agency that can walk them thru this process and help them ideate their online learning aspirations. The team at Confetti Design is here to help small businesses realise their online presence and happy to discuss ways to deliver a learning management system with Access Ally.

You can find more about Access Ally thru their website here.

Access in Summary

With Access Ally, you sign up for the one on-line program that seamlessly handles all aspects of a quality program from payments, course creation, LMS functionality, deep integrations, and member management, all closely aligned with your existing WordPress website. Many LMS require additional plugins to add more functionality. Access Ally is an all in one LMS and offers great sales functionality to nurture prospective customers as they sign-up for online courses.

Whether you are starting up a business or thinking about your current digital marketing, give us a call.

We can help.