Miei Fiori

Miei Fiori – Melbourne Florist Delivery | Melbourne Corporate Florist

Lyly and Rob approached me with a plan of where they are taking their social enterprise. business. They shared their purpose and why. We worked together and pulled in other experts Lin Fong for copywriting and Fi Mims Photography for images to create a beautiful website that will take them forward in achieving incredible goals for reducing poverty in Australia using flowers as the vehicle.

The Strategy

Miei Fiori is a social enterprise so it was vital the website update explained this value proposition. Lyly and Rob are not simply selling bunches of flowers. They are providing a percentage of profits to their charity of choice, The Smith Family. We needed to communicate the transparency around the costing structure and also how it worked so individuals and businesses will buy into the social enterprise. To achieve this we created graphics to match their logo. We assisted in also designing the skin for the delivery van.