SEO for small businesses

Imagine if your website worked as your best salesperson.

Designing and developing your brand-new website is just the first step. After launching, you now need to look at sustainable strategies that will help you get found by people who are searching for your products and services.

We provide search engine optimisation in Melbourne – so it’s our job to make Google your best friend!

Using effective and proven long-term SEO tactics, we can transform your beautiful small business website into an online selling tool.

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There are plenty more reasons to choose to work with us – find out what our past client have to say about their own Confetti Design experience!

  • Avatar Anish Rebello ★★★★★
    When the overwhelming shock of me quitting my job and deciding to go out and start my own law firm wore off, the first thing I knew that had to be done was to get a website.For weeks I had heard Johannah’s brilliant idea of a 1 page website, … More in 1 day for 1 price and wondered who I knew I could refer her too…little did I know that person would be me and Umbrella Family Law.Her questionnaire that she provided to help us understand the website was pointed and specific which allowed me and my Partners to give as much information as possible – and what was even more incrediblewas her way to understand exactly what we were saying through words and translate on to the website.But the cherry on top of our umbrella sundae was the logo – the colour, the design received nothing but rave reviews from all those I spoke too, both family and friends and even some in this chapter.Having a website is one thing. However having a website, and more specifically, having someone who can translate your idea, your vision and your purpose with such ease and so effortlessly is something youcannot put a price on – although with Johannah’s fixed price – you can, and it is so worth it.For anyone looking to revamp their website or wanting to tear it down and start new – I cannot stress enough that you must see Johannah
  • Avatar Mary-Jane Devine ★★★★★
    When I was looking for a rebrand and refresh for my company website, Johannah & Confetti Design ticked all the boxes however, my experience far surpassed my expectations.Johannah took the time to understand my business brand, client … More base & vision. Her aesthetic compliments her website functionality & facilitated the entire rebrand process from website, updated professional head shots to newsletters and social media presence.Industry and client feedback has been a testament to her professionalism & attitude
  • Avatar Nicole Jacobs Property ★★★★★
    Confetti design went above and beyond to accommodate our requirements and understood our vision completely. We ended up with a website design that was exactly what we wanted in terms of both form and function. We completely trust Johannah … More with our ongoing queries and maintenance requests and would not hesitate recommending Confetti Design to anyone looking for seamless and beautiful custom website design.
  • Avatar Nicola Shelton ★★★★★
    Before I started working with Johannah at Confetti Design, I thought the idea of changing my branding and website was too daunting but Johannah made the whole process easy. As a result of using Confetti Design I have a sleek new logo and … More stunning website that has more functionality than it’s predecessor, which has improved my Google rankings!I would definitely recommend Johannah at Confetti Design, as she is professional, efficient and helpful throughout the entire process.
  • Avatar Michelle Papageorge ★★★★★
    Johannah did an amazing job at really understanding our business and what we wanted to achieve. Our website is one we are proud for our clients and prospective clients to view and which demonstrates what sets us aside from others. We highly … More recommend Johannah and Confetti Design as they helped take our business to the next level with an individual and professional website.
  • Avatar Sarah Trevathan ★★★★★
    I'd spoken with various web designers prior to Confetti and as soon as I made contact I knew it was the right fit. Johannah was insightful, professional and supportive from start to finish. The process has been stress-free and actually … More very enjoyable! I'm also delighted with the finished result of my website. I'd highly recommend Confetti to anyone looking for a personal yet professional experience..
  • Avatar Talia Meltzer ★★★★★
    The process of working with Johanna was easy and a total pleasure! She was accommodating and flexible, constantly making sure to take the time to listen to our needs and concerns. From the very beginning, Johannah was committed to understanding … More our customer, their needs whilst also taking into consideration our company values and ethos. Taking it one step future, Johannah has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to not just making a pretty website but one that converts and ranks on google. We can't thank her enough!
  • Avatar Judy Newbery ★★★★
    I have consulted with Johannah in a business relationship and have found her to be very enthusiastic and innovative in her approach. She is bright, intelligent and warm with a keen sense of humour and very knowledgeable about marketing … More and putting yourself 'out there'. She is also very generous with her time and very willing to share.
  • Avatar Raw Mojo ★★★★★
    Johannah's Business Clarity Kit made creating a business plan a breeze. Unlike other business plan models I had attempted - which just made me feel like a snooze, Johannah's kit inspired, motivated and emboldened my business vision. … More And she's a joy to work with.
  • Avatar Chris Power ★★★★★
    In response to Covid19 we needed a clever solution to dual branding / credibility building and we needed it fast to pivot our business. Johannah and her team responded with creativity and speed and we had a new landing page and our second … More website up within a few days. I trust her design approach and felt confident leaving many of the design decisions to her. Huge gratitude for Johannah's can do attitude, focus and dedication to the project. Thank You!

SEO services Melbourne

Our suite of ongoing marketing, advertising, and SEO services in Melbourne include:

  • SEO strategy
  • SEO blog and content marketing strategy
  • On-going SEO and content marketing packages
  • Pay per click campaigns ( including Adwords, You Tube, display etc)
  • Google Ads campaign creation and management (certified Google Adwords partner)
  • Remarketing campaign creation and management
  • Google shopping advertising for eCommerce websites

SEO Strategy

You’ve launched your website with some great on-page SEO and now, you’re ready to ramp it up!

The fundamentals of a good SEO strategy starts with gaining a crystal clear view of the online landscape as well as your online competition. We uncover all this and more during your initial SEO research and strategy. In many cases, our clients know who their “bricks and mortar” competition are, but are in fact not aware of their online competition.

This insight helps us understand what people are searching for online as well as what your competitors are doing, and thus what we need to do to give your website the best opportunity to outrank your competition.

This critical ground work ensures you get tangible results and a true return on your SEO investment.


Content Creation

The message from Google is simple: create good content for your customers.

We take great care to create the right content with the right keywords to start improving your rank and fulfilling short- and longer-term goals. Google has over 220 ingredients we need to consider in order to get you ranking.

Website content needs to engage, educate, and convert your customers, but it also needs to meet a range of strict SEO requirements. On top of that, it also needs to match your brand’s tone and voice.

That’s a lot to ask from your website’s content! Luckily, we know how to do this perfectly.

Test and Measure

We love statistics and analysis! 

We work hard behind the scenes, constantly monitoring your website and making tweaks and changes to better improve your site’s SEO.

We monitor your site daily, swiftly jumping into action to respond with new content that keeps you moving towards your short- and long-term SEO targets.

In-depth data and powerful analytics helps us understand emerging opportunities and growing trends. We love diving deep into this sort of data, which in turn allows us to pivot your SEO and content marketing strategy as needed.


Now, it’s time to start enjoying some tangible SEO results.

During our in-depth analysis, we get a really good idea of how tough your competition is. This insight helps us craft a sustained strategy that includes short- medium- and long-term goals.

We continue to work hard to ensure your website becomes your business’ best sales tool, and once ranking is achieved, it’s our job to keep you there – without fail.

Such is our confidence, that if during your ongoing SEO and marketing you drop, we work non-stop without extra charge to get you back to your key positions.

Local SEO services for your business

Does your current website work hard enough to generate awareness, leads and sales for your business?

All businesses want growth and in today’s digitally-dominant landscape, you need a reliable SEO agency to provide the right online strategies and tactics to help turn your website into your business’ best sales tool.

Not all agencies are made equal; we know because we’ve experienced it first hand!

We partner with a local SEO agency in Bayside that guarantees their work.

Designing the most beautiful website is just the start of your digital presence. Once you launch, you need to look towards gaining great ranking on Google. And we can help!

Reach out today for a no-obligation quote for our SEO or Adwords that will get you found on Google!

Contact us for a FREE consultation!

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimisation (widely recognised as “SEO”) is the process of optimising every aspect of your website (such as content, images, videos, etc.).

This is so a search engine like Google understands what it is you offer, and as such deems it as the best and most appropriate result to display for a user when they enter a certain search phase.

Why do you need SEO?

Your website’s sales rely on the traffic it gets; that is, the number of people visiting your site.

But how do you generate traffic? There are multiple ways, but the most common source of traffic is through search engines. When potential customers search services or products that your business offers, you want to be the first one they see in the results. This is the main reason why you need SEO.

Google processes around 63,000 searches every single second. That’s about 5.6 billion searches a day! So when users search for the products and services you offer, you want your website to be one of the first results they see, trust, and click.

How does SEO work?

Google and other search engines have sets of rules implemented and this identifies which result will be shown first. SEO makes sure that your website abides those rules so that you’ll have the best chances of making it to the top spot!

It’s estimated that the first position on Google for a search receives 36% of the traffic, and that the top 3 positions receive 60% of all clicks. And that means more traffic being driven to your website!

Additionally, a good ranking gives your business high credibility as search engines recognise your business as being the best option to fulfil a user’s search intent.

What is eCommerce SEO?

Just like regular SEO, the goal of eCommerce SEO is to give your online store the best opportunity to gain the number one position on the search engine results for a variety of product searches.

The difference is it involves more rigorous optimisation of your products in your website. People are already searching for the products you offer, but they can go to a rival store if they don’t find you immediately in search engine results. This is why you’ll need eCommerce SEO services. Click here to learn more about eCommerce SEO.