Small business SEO services Melbourne and Australia wide

Imagine your website being your number one sales person? After launching your website you need to get found and an SEO agency can achieve this for you. Our job is to make Google your best friend by transforming your beautiful small business website into an online selling tool using us an SEO company Australia based too! We are a Bayside based SEO agency so you have confidence in meeting us, the people who do the work.


You’ve launched your website with some great on-page SEO but now you need to ramp it up. A good strategy starts with discovery about your competitors, who you want to find you and for what you can rank in order to gain more customers . This ground work ensures you get the full ROI.


We take great care to create the right content with the right keywords so you start moving to position #1 on Google. Google has over 220 ingredients we need to include to get you ranking. Luckily we know how to do this.


We love statistics and analysis! Our job is to now monitor your results daily and respond with new content to keep you moving to our goal or keep you at the top positions.


Once we have you at your goal and your website is now performing as your best salesperson, we continue to keep you there. In fact our job is now to keep you there without fail. Such is our confidence, on our on-going packages, if you drop we work non-stop without extra charge to keep you in your key positions.

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is taking the steps of optimising online content (copy, images, videos, etc.) so that a search engine such as Google shows it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimisation?

Your website’s sales rely on the traffic it gets; that is, the number of people visiting your site. But how do you generate traffic? There are multiple ways, but the most common source of traffic is through search engines. When potential customers search about services or products that your business offer, you want to be the first one they see in the results. This is the main reason why you need SEO.

How does SEO work?

Google and other search engines have sets of rules implemented and this identifies which result will be shown first. SEO makes sure that your website meets those rules so that you’ll have a higher chance of making it to the top result spot! In turn, not only that your business will have more traffic (and more sales), but it also gives your business high credibility as search engines recognise your business.

E-commerce SEO

Just like regular SEO, e-commerce SEO’s goal is the same—its to make sure your online store is at the number one spot on search engine results page. The difference is it involves more rigorous optimisation of your products in your website. People are already searching for the products you’re offering, but they can go to a rival store if they don’t find you immediately in search engine results. This is why you’ll need e-commerce SEO services.

Offering SEO services Melbourne and Australia wide.

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Does your online strategy generate awareness, leads and sales for your business?
All businesses want growth and you need a reliable, committed agency to provide the right SEO services to help you achieve that. Not all agencies are made equal, we know because we experienced it first hand. This is why our search engine optimisation Bayside local expert guarantees his work.
Designing the most beautiful website is the start but once you launch you need to get great ranking on Google, we can help with that. Reach out for a no-obligation quote for our search engine optimisation SEO services or Adwords services that will get you on Page 1!

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