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Small Business Digital Adaption Program – $1,200 rebate from the Victorian Government

Confetti Design is a Melbourne Shopify developer and was delighted to hear the Victorian Government announce the “Small Business Digital Adaption Program”, which is an initiative to help small businesses adopt to new technologies and become more digital. The program supports small businesses to trial digital products including websites and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. The rebate of $1,200 is available for 12 month’s access to selected software applications including Shopify. The program is available to all small businesses from all industries in Victoria, as long as the small business meets the eligibility criteria.

How to access the Small Business Digital Adaption Program

The process to access this great initiative is to register for the program to enable you to participate in product trials and workshops.

The registration is available here   Once your small business has registered for the program, you will be required to sign-up for one of the preferred digital products. After you have signed-up, you can apply for a purchase rebate which is $1,200 that covers 12 months free access.


What kind of software applications are available thru the Small Business Digital Adaption Program ?

The Small Business Digital Adaption Program provides a rebate for software applications to small businesses that support them with digital products that includes:-

  • Websites platforms such as Squarespace
  • e-commerce websites such as Shopify
  • e-commerce transaction capabilities such as Square
  • finance and business management products such as MYOB and XERO
  • hospitality digital support such as online menus and ordering thru Mr Yum


What are the key dates for the Small Business Digital Adaption Program?

The first set of digital products, including Shopify, will be available to small business on the 15th November 2020 with more products added over time. Small businesses that have registered for the program can trial the products for up to one month. This is available until the 28th February 2021 and the team at Confetti Design hope this is extended into late 2021.

The purchase rebate will be available to small businesses from the 1st December 2020. After the initial trial, the $1,200 rebate is available to enable access to digital products for 12 months.

When does the application close?

The rebate applications will be available from the 1st December 2020 to 31st March 2021, or until the funds for the program are exhausted. If success, Confetti Design hopes the Victorian Government continues this digital initiative to help small businesses with their websites and e-commerce stores including Shopify.


How quickly will I receive the rebate?

As a small business, you will be contacted by the Victorian Government within six weeks to ensure you have started to use your selected digital product and payment. Once the Government has confirmation of the continued use of the digital product, you will receive the $1,200 rebate within 10 days.


Is my small business eligible?

To be eligible for the rebate, your business will need to be located in Victoria and held an ABN since 13th September 2019. You will also need to be registered for GST on the 13th September 2020.

What if I already use one of the digital products?

To be eligible for the program, you need to ensure the digital product is a new adaption and is not currently being used by the business. The great news is that the eligibility includes upgrading an existing product with additional features that provide greater digital capability. If you have used one of the products such as Shopify in the past, which is more than a year ago, and resume the adoption of the digital product you will also be eligible.


What doesn’t the program cover?

The program does not cover renewals of existing digital products provided as part of the program. It also does not include minor updates to existing products. Most importantly, the digital product, such as Shopify, must be available under the program.


How will I know how to use the digital products available under the Small Business Digital Adaption Program ?

Once you are registered under the program, free training and workshops are available and training dates are available in the training calendar that is published on the Business Victoria website. The training and workshops are run across Melbourne metropolitan area and also in regional Victoria. The great news is if you are currently using one of the available products you can also attend the workshop and training days.

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