Brand YOU

Start the design process by completing our thought-provoking Clarity Questionnaire.

This all-important document will help to refine your values, customer profile and business mission to create a brand and website that evokes the right emotional response in the people that matter. By truly understanding the motivations of your market, you can connect. Connection means trust, and trust leads to sustained business.


Then let the fun stuff begin.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your websites – or other digital solutions – are. Online presence means nothing without smart strategy to back it up. It’s our not-so-secret weapon. With decades of experience in business development, we give you the resources, mentoring and fine ideas to lift your confidence and growth. Let’s start brainstorming.


Let our website designers do their magic.

Designing a brand or getting a website for your business can be really daunting. It’s easy to feel out of your element, overwhelmed by where to start and confused by the technology. Here’s where we come in. We make the whole process as straight down the line and enjoyable as possible. While each project we do has its own flavour to suit the client’s brief, the Confetti way is sophisticated, clean and modern. We aim to create the right lasting impression every time.


The tech stuff stays easy with our programmers taking care of business.

A lot happens behind the scenes on a small business website. At the end of the day, our intention is to build websites that are great to look at and easy to navigate but also have all the important ‘tech’ stuff so search engines know your website exists. When it comes to e-commerce websites, we offer two options that will make your online store easy to manage and provide the smoothest customer experience, WordPress or Shopify.


Hey, we’d like you to meet some really amazing people.

Tap into our fantastic network of trusted collaborators. Need website hosting and maintenance? Like to create a video for your home page? Looking for copywriting to tie your site together? Need someone who knows how to generate sales? We offer you a blend of in-house services and introductions to external partners to maximise your chances of business success.


Plus …

Every project is carefully mentored by me.

We help clients from all over the world but I take a hands on approach if you are a small business web design Bayside based client. We will likely become good friends as we work closely together in a collaborative manner to bring the best of you into the brand and website.

For more than 10 years, I worked with large organisations taking their brand and translating that into a corporate wardrobe.
In this role I worked with Creative Agencies to develop direct marketing plans, including catalogues and websites, so when we work together not only do you get the countless hours of marketing and design experience from working with these leading brands and agencies, you get a very personalised service. Our goal is always to deliver a beautiful result and ensure it’s an affordable web design and branding service too!

Some nice words from happy customers


Personal Brand Expert

You want to engage Johannah as the woman who understands the complexities of building powerful brands and web sites that have impact. She also openly shares her extended network of like-minded professionals and experts in their field. to help you.

Suzie Lightfoot

Coach Central

Johannah has a lovely, calm, insightful approach in taking your vision and transforming it into a beautiful site.

Cindy Turner

Wedding Honey

Johannah's service is second to none and she responded within minutes to each of my requests or calls for help. I would highly recommend Confetti Design

Ray & Sharon Tolcher

What's My Style

Johannah understands small business and their needs, making the start-up journey and challenges easier. Being genuine and truly lovely is a bonus.

Nicky McMillan

Eat Drink Innovate

Confetti Design briefing process helped me to dive deep into my business & helped clarify what I really wanted to communicate via my brand.

Susie White

Moxo Living

Johannah is a delight to work with. She was always fully engaged with the issue at hand and always offered additional tips and guidance along the way.

Corinne De Castro Basto

Stacey Currie

I had been quoted from $1k to $10k, I had no idea who to trust. Luckily I was referred by someone I trust 100%, who trust Johannah 100%, and I know why. I am very grateful.


Stacey Currie

I still can’t believe my vision is here; I feel extremely proud of my new website and branding. I felt embarrassed of my old branding but now I am so proud to share what Johannah and the team created.


Personal Brand Expert

One feature I loved was Johannah's availability and prompt response to any query no matter how big or small. Confetti's service is always with genuine smile and her positive attitude and outlook made the process fun!

Suzie Lightfoot

Coach Central

I am impressed with how well Johannah nailed my brief without one face-to-face meeting. I highly recommend her to create a website you will love.

Cindy Turner

Wedding Honey

Johannah has produced a beautiful and effective new website for our small business in a short amount of time. Her professionalism, kindness and encouragement is appreciated.

Ray & Sharon Tolcher

Miei Fiori

Johannah took her time to understand our vision before coming back with suggestions that not only meet our requirements but are relevant, current and forward in it's application.

Rob Greca & Lyly Greca