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Schepisi Communications – Website Development

Schepisi Communications is an accredited Telstra Platinum partner that provides brand and whole of business telecommunications solutions to many of Telstra’s major and SME customers. Schepisi Communications partners with its clients to deliver telephony solutions across the range of Telstra products and services. These solutions include mobile management, data network solutions, collaboration products and services and cloud transition services.

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The Strategy

Nearly three years ago Schepisi Communications engaged its SEO company to re-design its large corporate website. Although the site had been designed, it was never built. As time passed it was evident a smaller more compact website that would act as a better communication tool to succinctly detail its product offering.

Confetti Design was engaged to work with the original design and layout that was detailed for the large corporate website and present this digital offering in a more compact fashion. The complexity of this assignment was to ensure that all of the original, large corporate website pages were still developed and included ‘behind the scene’ of the newly created micro-site to ensure the ongoing SEO integrity.

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The Result

Both sites look seemless and if an indexed URL for the original site is clicked it takes the visitor to the new look brand but once they click the navigation they see only the micro site. This was a complex project as there were over 140 inner ‘hidden’ pages and yet the whole project was completed within 8 weeks.