Signsmart –Website – Design & Development

Signsmart have been in business since the early 90’s, working with the Australian branches of some of the world’s largest businesses dealing with dangerous and volatile materials. Signsmart supplies signs and labels with more than 90% of its signs being custom made for customers. With the custom nature of signs, Signsmart offers signs that are manufactured on wide variety of materials with an in-house design team that works with customers to help achieve and deliver an acquired look. The business was newly purchased and the new owner wanted to stand out in an industry that is generally quite 80’s in it’s digital design presence.

The Strategy

With its unique focus on custom signage rather than the standard off-the-shelf signage, the strategy was to ensure a smooth buying process but really stand out as a provider of custom signs for safety. The move to the new website was complicated due to the need to import more than 400 products, yet present an easily navigable website for customers.