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Why do I need a Blog on my website?

There are many many reasons why having a blog in your website is important, and each reason is equally important so in this article I will answer the question ‘Why do I need a blog in my website?‘by firstly lising 4 benefits and secondly I will provide 10 business goals a blog can help achieve and finally give you 10 ways you can come up with great content.

Top 4 benefits of having a Blog on your website

1. A blog positions you as an expert and industry leader. Blogs really give you an opportunity to differentiate you and your knowledge and business, it’s a chance to show your unique selling propositions and competitive advantage.

2. Blogs allow you to interact with your customers and create a committed community that follow you, trust you and will result in both sales and broader exposure as they share your information. (ensure it’s easy to share your blogs on your website)

3. Blogs are excellent for your SEO or search engine optimization. The more regularly and consistently you write content on your site using well thought out topics that are meaningful to your tribe, and related to your business page topics, the more Google notices. Your regular updated blogs will tell Google there is more new information on this site that a certain group of people find useful (your tribe) leading to better ranking on the Google.

4. Blogs allow you to add value to your tribe, your target market and shows what you stand for. Blogging is a great way to show your values and helps build trust and confidence in your existing customers leading to greater referrals and also to new prospects who want to buy your products or services.

Now you know 4 great compelling reasons why it’s worth the time and effort to write blogs and include them on your website, let see what kind of goals a blog can help achieve. Creating a set of goals for your blog will help you stay focussed in the type of content your write or videos you record. Not only do goals help with creating the content but you also are able to track the success of achieving these goals.

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