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Adding a shopping cart to your website – Articles from Confetti Design

In these unprecedented times, one strategy we can implement quickly for brick-and-mortar businesses is to start building your eCommerce business.

Here’s a compilation of the articles we published about eCommerce. We hope they help you start building your own eCommerce store! You can also contact us if you need help or if you have questions about starting up. Enjoy!

e-commerce-fashion-online-store-launch-checklistHow to launch your e-commerce business

This article lays out the various steps you’ll need to take from marketing, to shipping to the launch of your business! Link to the article:

E-commerce-websites-confetti-design-shopify-websites3 elements of a successful e-commerce website

This post tackles the 3 E’s of a successful online business, beyond just website appearance. Read the full article here:

Shopify-Or-Wordpress-Blog-Confetti-Design-scaledShopify vs wordpress – which is better?

Finally took the leap of starting your online store, but don’t have an idea on how to start? This article talks about the factors to consider when choosing the platform you’ll use for your website. Check the whole article here:

Whether you are starting up a business or thinking about your current digital marketing, give us a call.

We can help.

e-commerce-calendar-launch-your-online-storeE-commerce calendar

This article gives you an idea about the content you can plan to make considering the entire year’s celebrations and important events. You can also run promotions accordingly and reap the rewards of planning ahead! Here’s the link to the article:

Shopify-Experts-Confetti-Design-Why-Blogs-Are-Important-for-Your-Ecommerce-WebsiteWhy your e-commerce website needs a blog

This article provides some of the benefits you can gain when you start a blog for your website. Check the article here: