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Is your website making the right first impression?

Small business owners have less than six seconds to impress a website visitor!
Make an amazing connection with potential customers by presenting your small business website in the right way.
Do you want to know how?

Book your website audit today, only $129 (inc GST)
VALUED at over $440.00
Our website audit includes a personally recorded video, together with a one to one, 20 minute website consultation.
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A Website Audit reveals what your website really reflects:

who you are, the problems you solve for customers, how you deliver value

Reviewing how your small business and services are presented through your existing website will highlight why you might be missing an opportunity to CONNECT with your customers.

Most businesses rely on their small business website to communicate what they do, how they do that, why they do that and, what value they can deliver to their clients.

With the advent of off-shore designers and website builders like Wix and Squarespace it has become quick and relatively easy to get a website developed. But this has created the problem that websites appearing ill-considered and even rushed. Online communication isn’t extended consistently into websites or social media channels. In the worst cases, they are not offering products or services customers are actually looking for. The websites are not presenting themselves as the amazing business that they are. Potential customers are lost in a matter of seconds.

You see your website like a customer sees it

Improve your customer

Build confidence in your small business

Tangible actions provided that present your small business better

Book your brand and website audit today,
only $129

VALUED at over $440.00
Improve your customer conversions and grow your business.
Start connecting more with your customers with a consistent brand and online profile.

Book your audit instantly by clicking the button and paying via PayPal.

How does your website rate against the 12 benchmarks of effective web design?

01Responsiveness web design
02Web Design for customers
03Consistent Website Branding
04Core service offerings
05Information prioritised
06Website Navigation - Obvious & Logical
07Single website goal that's obvious
08Opt-in Offer on website
09Video content on your website
10Customer Testimonials and social proof
11Shareable information
12Website images and pages are optimized

What small business customers are saying about the Confetti Design Website Audit. 

It’s not like the other automated responses. This is personal, specific and powerfully useful.

I found the review very useful.
I’ve had reviews by other designers or industry experts and I can honestly say I did not get 10% of the benefit from them that I got from your feedback.

It was great to see my business brand and website from someone else’s point of view. We have already made a couple of small changes to the website, and took Johannah’s advice on pretty much all of her suggestions. The greatest benefit was it is a hands on look, rather than reading a document.
You can actually see what Johannah’s talking about as you are going through it. It is great to see someone’s point of view from their first viewing!

Having the video was great to follow along as Johannah spoke about the website to know exactly what she was looking at and giving feedback on specific areas. If it was in an email or over the phone I do not think it would be as effective. The feedback was so useful and we will definitely be making the suggested changes.

How does a website audit work

Step 1

Our experienced Founder Johannah records a video as she reviews your online presence and your website

Step 2

Within 24 hours you will receive access to the video recording of your website audit, but also our list of 12 must-haves to great and effective web design recommendations for improved design and functionality improvements. Even if you don’t use Confetti Design, you will know how to improve your website to start building a consistent customer message.

Step 3

We then book in your website consultation. With the recommendations from your video and our call, you’ll be able to implement website changes when and if you choose. Alternatively, our experienced team of web developers in Melbourne can assist to implement the most important improvements. We help you to better structure the information on your website, with copywriting and website functionality.

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Book your brand and website audit today,
only $129

VALUED at over $440.00
Improve your customer conversions.
Uncover the secrets to start connecting more with your customers.

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