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how to create great blogging topics

How to create great blogging topics

How to create great blogging topics

Getting ideas for blogging is super easy. You will not realise it but everyday people are giving you ideas, the trick is to start thinking like your customer and noticing what is going on around you.

Use these 10 ideas for your blogs:

1. Keep a list with questions from clients, customer service questions, questions you’ve been asked on social media.
2. Look at the calendar and break up the year into seasons, holidays, industry events – what times of the year have an impact on your customer in relation to your services.
3. Pay attention to what is topical and in the news. Is there new legislation or some event happening that has an impact on your customer that you can add insight, help or advice?
4. Human element – stories about your business, or your customers or your life that has bearing on your customers life and interests.
5. What are top 20 problems your customers have and write to solve them, research resources to help them with these.
6. Scan Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and forums to see what your prospects are talking about and asking about.
7. Share a board on Pinterest of pins that your client might find useful. These could be related or unrelated to your services. If your goal is to connect with your prospect you want to build trust by common interests and shared experiences.
8. Look for what your tribe find amusing, entertaining.
9. You could also give people a little bit of a peek behind the scenes, see you in action in a video.
10. Create a series of videos or recordings of how to – that help your customer or prospect.

We now know why it’s important to blog, what goals you can set that are relevant to you and your business and how to come up with ideas or topics. Good Luck and look forward to seeing you showing yourself to your tribe.

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Johannah Barton

Johannah is founder and owner of Confetti Design, a leading Melbourne Shopify Agency. Her extensive background in fashion, interior design, sales and marketing contributes to the Agencies great ability and reputation. She creates content that helps small businesses navigate the online space helping them to consider their website as a sales tool.

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