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Contact Us Page Best Practices 2018

In this post, I’ll go over Contact Us page best practices 2018, including the core purposes of your contact page and how you can improve your contact page.

It is one of the most visited pages on your website and often the most overlooked page. When you think about it, really it should be the most considered page as it’s what you want people ultimately do right, contact you! Read on to find out what the contact us page best practices 2018 are then you can make some updates and monitor your improved conversions.

For many businessess, the contact page manages all incoming contact requests. Therefore you can help the user get the right information before they have to make an enquiry or guide the enquiry. This can be achieved by including popular FAQ’s or directions on how to find the business or the appropriate person in the company.

What works for others, might not work for your contact page. It highly depends on what kind of business you have.

1. Essential elements of your contact page

Think about what you look for when visiting a contact page. Personally, I like it when a company leaves a phone number, it shows me they are accessible. However I don’t always want to call so having a direct contact email address is a bonus. Personally I am not keen on contact forms, I have a feeling they get lost, however I do use them.

So I’d advise you provide everything: Contact page must-have details would include:

  • Company name.
  • Company address & map
  • General company phone number.
  • General company email address.
  • Contact form.

2. Check your grammar:

There are generally not too many words on a Contact Us page so best we choose our words carefully and ensure grammar is perfecto!

3. Keep it simple but relevant:

A contact us page can include other information for the visitor such as a map of your location, department head contacts or specific CTA’s for a demo or tour booking over a general enquiry. Whatever it is, ensure you make it easy to find the contact form and the contact details. Keep the design simple and font big and clearly legible, not silly script fonts! Another maddening trend is to make fields mandatory or fields not relevant to your target market.  A sure-fire way to miss out on the form being completed.

4. Why and when should I contact you?

It might sound obvious, but telling your visitors why and when they should or shouldn’t contact you is really helpful. One of the most successful things you can achieve via your website pages is managing expectations.  For example you can inform people how long they may have to wait to hear back from you. Or provide a few topics of what they can contact you about via a dropdown on the contact form.
Or  you could simply let them know you only take calls before 4pm each day and you reply to every message within 8 hours.

5. Look gorgeous:

When users visit your contact us page, it is the beginning of a relationship so first impressions count. Include great visuals of the team or on-brand personality-plus images to help create a good connection. You want the visitor to be keen to contact you. A bland white page with a contact form is not overly enticing.

6. Show off your personality:

Users who visit your contact us page are there to reach out to you and learn more about you. Think about how you want your copy to reflect your brand persona. If your audience is the casual, fun-loving crowd, consider a light-hearted, even comical tone for your contact us page.

7. Provide some FAQ’s:

For a larger company or if you need to be mindful of your time offering a series of commonly asked questions is a great way to filter emails. It can save time and limit the number of un-necessary emails. The contact page is simply be a great place to put FAQ’s as logically people are there to reach out for something and perhaps that something is a question you can answer immediately.

8. Add in a virtual chat function:

Many sites now have the slide-in or pop-up virtual chat facility which can be annoying but your Contact Us page can be the perfect location for this.  In our online era, many users prefer chatting online with a help agent rather than calling in person. If this sounds like your demographic then why not provide a quick and easy way to get help. Below the chat window pop some FAQ’s and other means of contact, giving users their contact method of choice.

9. Include a compelling call-to-action:

This can simply be how you design and feature the core call-to-action, such as making your phone number a clickable bright coloured button. Make sure it’s clear what you want your visitor to do on that contact page, pick your preferred contact method and make it stand out.

In summary take a good look with new eyes at your contact page as most are dull and boring and when they show to be one of the top 3 pages visited. Give the audience what they need and hope to see and then a bit of a surprise too!


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